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Glue ear

Glue ear otitis media tinnitus effective treatment remedy

I've got glue ear and have found the following treatment very effective although it is not a cure as such. It might also help with tinnitus.

Click here for some background on glue ear.

Go to your doctor and get

1. an OTOVENT (Otovent poster).

The balloons do not last long but you can use it with ordinary party balloons. The trick to using the Otovent successfully is to swallow when allowing the air back up the nose.

2. some CARBOCISTEINE (generic name) - the UK brand name is MUCODYNE which will loosen up the stuff in the ear.

You should notice some improvement within a couple of days but you should continue the treatment for at least 3 weeks and possibly even longer.

You might even be able to avoid a grommet operation.

No. I am not a rep for Otovent. How suspicious of you.

I've (male, 55) had glue ear for about 3 years and my doctor recommended sniffing Olbas Oil. About 6 months ago the hearing in one ear became seriously affected and I did some serious research on the Internet and found out about Otovent and Mucodyne.

I went to the Doc, (who had never heard of an Otovent) and said that he used to prescribe Mucodyne for glue ear but didn't find it very effective (reason... the Eustachian Tubes were still blocked).

Anyway I got those on prescription and noticed a significant improvement within a couple of days but it took a full course of treatment - 3 weeks - to get rid of most of the stuff in the ear - a process which made me sick one night.

Unfortunately, the Otovent won't work with small children because they are not strong enough to blow the balloon up.

Having glue ear is a real nuisance but it is treatable.

In the UK, you can buy an Otovent without prescription but you can get them free on prescription. Mucodyne is only available on prescription.