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INTPC UK meet-up 2008-01-05.

The UK Meet-Up started at 3pm on Saturday January 5th 2008 at Texas Embassy (a Tex-Mex style cantina), Cockspur Street near Trafalgar Square, London.

Three members attended: NastyNaz (who isn't at all nasty), Ferrus and mancroft.

A most enjoyable time which finished at about 8pm. Pity more members did not turn up. Let us hope there are more next time.

Although ESFP females were especially welcome, sadly none attended.

And here are the pictures to prove it.

Naz with a margarita



mancroft stuffing his face with a burrito

Naz and Ferrus

Ferrus downs another tequila. Rather him than me. I wouldn't want his hangover.

INTPC Norwich meet-up 2008-02-02.

The Norwich, UK Meet-Up started at 12.30pm on Saturday February 2nd 2008 at the Fat Cat pub, Norwich.

Two members attended: Dom and mancroft.

A most enjoyable chat over a couple of excellent real ales and cheese buns which finished at about 2pm.

And here is a picture to prove it.

Dom and mancroft